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Implants- immediate restoration of postextraction edentation both esthetically and functionally PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gag O., Lile E., Freiman P., Popescu M., Elisei G.   
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Article Title: Implants- immediate restoration of postextraction edentation both esthetically and functionally
Authors: Otilia Stana (Gag), Lile Ioana Elena, Freiman Paul, Mugur Popescu, Elisei Gabriela, Sebesan Voicu, Vincze Daniela, Alina Marian, Stana Ademir Horia
Affiliation: ″VasileGoldis″ Western University of Arad, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry
Abstract: Immediate implants are a great choice for people who need immediate restoration of dental arcades both functionally but also esthetically. Immediate implants offer to the patient a psychological comfort, but also reduces the costs, which makes them more attractive to the them. Our study was made in a dental clinic, and involved a number of 10 patients. After assessing the case and determining the treatment plan for each patient was established that the implants will be inserted immediately after extraction. Oral rehabilitation of the edentation was made by fixed suprastructures connected to the implants. Patients were recalled at 3, 6 and 12 months later and the implants were examined both clinical and radiographic. The success rate was over 95% indicates that immediate implants inserted after extraction and loaded immediately after insertion for restoration of masticatory function and esthetics, are a very good option for the total edentulous patient..
Keywords: implants, immediate implants, late loading implants, prosthetic restoration, esthetic.
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