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Title: Jurnal Medical Aradean (Arad Medical Journal)
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Publisher: "Vasile Goldis" University Press
Owner: Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
ISSN: 1224-3744
e-ISSN: 2067-7790

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Written by Baschir S., Bugari R.   
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Authors:Sorin A. BASCHIR, Radmila BUGARI
Affiliation:Arad ENT Clinic
“Vasile Goldis” Western University Arad, România
Abstract:The hypothesis of this study consists in demonstrating based on statistic data, if the pacients’ anxiety and the frequency of dysfunctional thoughts can be decreased with psychotherapeutic interventions and the observation of influences on arterial tension values as well as the influence on the C-reactive protein. Methods: The test specimen includes 89 patients with collagen illnesses associated with specific cardiovascular illneses. The patients were recruited from the Internal Medicine department of the Emergency County Hospital Reşiţa, diagnosed with collagenosis (PR, SA, LED, DM, Sdr. Sjogren) associated with specific cardiovascular illneses (HTA, FA, BRD, BRS, Angina pectorala, IM). Our test specimen included 33 patients with collagen illnesses and related cardiovascular illnesses that are exposed to psychological questionnaires (ATQ and HARS), coming from urban and also rural areas, with ages from 24 to 70, among which 15 are males and 18 are females (fig. 1b). All the patients agreed to participate in this study and all of them gave their approval. The study and the application of evidence had in its vision obedience of the ethical norms and professional ontology. Results: the influence of psychic factors on collagen illnesses associated with cardiovascular illneses. Conclusions: On the studied group it was observed that most of the people with collagen illnesses are also affected by cardiovascular diseases that, as a result from clinical and paraclinical tests, are estimated to be a risk factor for the studied patients and also through psychological interventions we can identify the neurotic patients’ psychological pattern.
Keywords:psychic factors, cardiovascular illnesses, collagen ilnesses, psychological questionnaires.
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