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Study of root canals filling on transparent blocks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elisei G.,Popescu M.,Vincze D.,Sturz M., Elisei R.   
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Article Title: Study of root canals filling on transparent blocks
Authors: Gabriela ELISEI, Mugur-George POPESCU, Dana VINCZE, STURZ Marius, Radu ELISEI, Paul FREIMAN
Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry - Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
Abstract: In this study "in vitro" I had in mind to technicalities "Wave continued condensation" of Buchanan, who won in our tests both ease of use and the effectiveness of tri-dimensional obstruction space endodontic visualization using plastic blocks designed for training in endodontic therapy. Cold lateral condensation technique, which we performed for comparison, fails to fulfill the desire to obstruct three-dimensional endodontic space. In addition, the apical third, the technique does not differ monocon as cones accessories can not get to the apex
Keywords: filling three-dimensional, lateral condensation heat, gutta-percha, hand plugger.
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