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Comparative study between the modern and clasics techniques of vertical condensing heat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Popescu M., Vincze D.,Elisei G.,Elisei R.,Sturz M.   
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Article Title: Comparative study between the modern and clasics techniques of vertical condensing heat
Authors: Mugur-George POPESCU, Dana VINCZE, Gabriela ELISEI, Radu ELISEI,
Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry -Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania.
Abstract: Endodontics is a key area in dentistry or failure of endodontic treatment may depend on complex treatment plans. Root canal treatment is one that many times "decide" the fate of a tooth in the arch. In this paper we analyze the vertical condensation obturation techniques hot in terms of difficulty of each clinical application according to the few clinical cases we considered significant. Perhaps even more than other stages, it can cause long-term success of the treatment.
Keywords: endodontics, root canal, lateral condensation hot needles Kerr, gutta-percha.
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