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Article Title: Structuring of electronic health record in occupational medicine – Legal requirements and assessment elements
Authors: Dorin Triff
Affiliation: “Vasile Goldis” Western University Arad, Romania
Abstract: Ensuring effective informational management in the practice of occupational medicine requires the employment of Electronic Health Record. Electronic Health Record structuring must take into account the general minimum requirements referring to its functions, in compliance with national legislation. Based on these considerations, the current paper proposes an Electronic Health Record model and a modality of assessment for application in occupational medicine. The study of these requirements led to an Electronic Health Record model structure. The type and format of the given data in order to ensure interoperability for future medical filing systems, starting from information circuits specific for the medical office, led to a model of electronic health file. Starting from the necessity of its implementation in medical practice, ways of its evaluation and acceptance in current medical practice were outlined.
Keywords: occupational health, standards, classification, evaluation criteria, work place
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