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Profundoplasty - A solution for distal revascularizations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Totolici B., Alexa M., Ciurdariu D.   
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Article Title: Profundoplasty - A solution for distal revascularizations
Authors: Bogdan Totolici1, Mircea Alexa1, Daniel Ciurdariu2
Affiliation: 1 Clinical Emergency County Hospital Arad, Romania
2 Genesys Hospital Arad, Romania
Abstract: The deep femoral artery is the main source of blood supply to the leg and foot when the superficial femoral artery is occluded. In this situation, the geometry of the trunk of the deep femoral artery represents a stenosis of 50 per cent interposed between the common femoral artery and the collateral circuit of the deep femoral artery. Profundoplasty indications vary depending on its use as isolated or adjunctive procedure. As an adjunctive procedure profundoplasty is performed in all cases of ischemia, including critical limb ischemia. It's essential to restore outflow when the superficial femoral is occluded. Profundplasty is still a valuable option for patients with femoral PAD and claudication without tissue loss. It is a straightforward procedure that combines good efficacy with low complication rates. Further endovascular treatment may be facilitated. It is not useful for patients with the combination of critical ischemia and tissue loss. Profundoplasty’s technical facility has the advantage over bypass surgery.
Keywords: profundoplasty, revascularization, claudication
References: Khwaja HA, Omotoso PO, Bifurcated Dacron patch for simultaneous superficial femoroplasty and profundoplasty: a case report, J Med Case Reports. 2009 Nov 24;3:9294.
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*Correspondence: Totolici Bogdan , Emergency Clinical County Hospital, no. 1-3 Victoriei Street., Arad, Romania, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it