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Psychosensorial mechanisms of colour perception - Applications in aesthetic dentistry PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leucuta C., Precup C., Popescu M., Covrig V.   
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Article Title: Psychosensorial mechanisms of colour perception - Applications in aesthetic dentistry
Authors: Claudiu Leucuta*, Cris Precup, Mugur Popescu, Valeria Covrig
Affiliation: „Vasile Goldis” Western University Arad, Romania
Abstract: The emergence of electronic systems for measuring the colour reduced failure rate. However, colour perception is a complex phenomenon that can be considered ultimately by the dentist. Colour choice may seem a minor thing, but aesthetic requirements have increased dramatically today. Therefore, a colour mismatch may lead to rejection of the work by the patient. Aesthetic sense is to be educated and trained in office and outside it with beneficial consequences for doctors and patients.
Keywords: colour choice, colour mismatch, aesthetic
References: H. Boyaci, K. Doerschner, J. Snyder, L.T. Maloney (2006), Surface Colour Perception in Three-Dimensional Scenes, Visual Neuroscience, 23, pp 311-321. Doi: 10.1017/S0952523806233431
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*Correspondence: Claudiu Leucuta, “Vasile Goldiş” Western University Arad, Faculty of Medicine, Str. Feleacului nr. 1 Arad 310396 Romania, Phone 0040-257-256931, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it