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Article Title: Combined anesthesia technique - spinal and epidural anesthesia through single spinal puncture needle
Authors: Teodora Olariu
Affiliation: “Vasile Goldis” Western University Arad, Romania
Intensive Care Unit, Clinical City Hospital, Arad, Romania
Abstract: Anaesthesia management combined spinal anaesthesia and spinal needle peridural one, is to perform an anaesthetic techniques predictable effect faster, effective anaesthesia, economic and postoperative analgesia. This technique involves performing two anaesthetic techniques together with a single spinal needle. The search was performed between 1998-2002 on 2174 patients: both genders, age between 18-88, surgical diseases in lower abdominal part + associated comorbidities, diseases of lower limbs. Bimodal action on each component of anaesthesia, achieved a reduction in dose of local anaesthetic, with a single administration and the cumulative effect of a single spinal 20GX3 needle 22GX3 ½ or ½. By injecting local anaesthetic substance, is made a sensory block, motor and sympathetic intensity and duration characteristics of each substance and directly proportional to the volume and concentration used. Study this technique is practiced in the Municipal Clinical Hospital Clinic ATI Arad since 1998. The advantages of using this technique are: anaesthesia to install quickly, better analgesia and relaxation, using a single needle puncture and require no special materials, enhances both anaesthesia and a longer duration of action, continue and postoperative analgesia, some patients do not require analgesia and the others are enough minor analgesics (1-2) to relieve pain and doses of anaesthetic are small.
Keywords: spinal anaesthesia, epidural anaesthesia, combined anaesthesia technique
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