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Written by Vasca V.,Vasca E.,Ricciardielle F.,Oliva F.,   
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Authors: Virgil Vasca1, Elisabeta Maria Vasca1, Filippo Ricciardiello 2, Flavia Oliva 2, Massimo Mesolella2, Ioana Lile1 , Liviu Tuturici1
Affiliation: 1 Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dental Medicine, ’’VasileGoldis” Western University Arad, Romania
2ENT Complex Operative Unit, NaplesUniversity “FEDERICO II”, Naples, Italy
Abstract: The sinonasal malignant tumors are rare, representing less than 3% of the cervicofacialneoplasma and 0.8% of all human cancers. Approximately 55% have their origin in the maxillary sinuses, 35% in the nasal cavity, 9% in the ethmoid sinuses and 1% in the frontal and sphenoid sinuses. The malignant sinonasal tumors affect less than 1 person out of 100,000 individuals per year in most countries. With the exception of non-epithelial tumors, the sinonasal cancer represents a disease that affects grown-up persons, with an increased occurrence among men older than 50 (in their sixties and seventies). Excluding the occupational factors, the males-females rate is of around 2:1.
Keywords: tumors,threedimensional,endonasalapproach,nasalcavity,metastasis
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