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Considerations regarding the nasopharyngeal bacterial biofilm in pediatric patients PDF Print E-mail
Written by Turcin R.,Jompan A.,Baschir S.,Mihali C.,Turcin L.   
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Article Title: Considerations regarding the nasopharyngeal bacterial biofilm in pediatric patients
Authors: Assistant. Dr.TURCIN (BUGARI) Radmila-Anca1,3, Prof.Univ.Dr.Afilon JOMPAN1, Conf. Univ. Dr.Sorin BAȘCHIR1,2,3, Conf. Univ. Dr. Ciprian MIHALI1, Asit. Univ. Dr. Luminita TURCIN1,3, Asist.Univ.Dr.BANDICI Raluca1, Asist.Univ.TURCIN-HALKA Vesna- Roxana1, Asit.Univ. Dr.GOREA Flavia1, Asit.Univ.Drd Deme Paul1, Asist Univ.Drd Popescu Sebastian1
Affiliation: Vasile Goldiș Western University of Arad1, ENT Clinic of Arad2 , Dr. Turcin Clinic of Arad3.
Abstract: The main target of our study is to correlate the ratio of adenoid mucosa contaminated with bacterial biofilm in pediatric patients suffering of chronic rhinosinusitis (RSC) in comparison to pediatric patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). We have estimated using s image analysis program the bacterial biofilm from the entire surface of the extracted adenoids, from 5 girls and 15 boys aged between 4 and 10 years; Adenoids extracted from pediatric patients diagnosed with CRS presented bacterial biofilms coating almost the entire mucosa (77.23% ), compared to 2.20% of bacterial biofilm coverage, at the pediatric patients with OSAS. The obtained difference is statistically significant.
Polyps removed from patients with CSR have most of their mucosal covered with bacterial biofilm in comparison to the group with OSAS. In the nasopharynx of pediatric patients with CSR, bacterial biofilm can play the role of a chronic fountain of pathogens, adenoidectomy explains the symptomatic improvement observed in this group.
Keywords: bacterial biofilm, scanning electron microscopy, adenoids, sleep apnea, chronic rhinosinusitis.
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*Correspondence: Bugari Radmila-Anca, “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Dr. Turcin Clinic, Eftimie Murgu 52, Arad, Romania, Tel. 0730009962 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it