Statistical study on „human-oriented” ergonomics in dental practices in Arad and Timis counties

Authors: Valeria Covrig, Popescu Mugur George, Ionuţ Buşan

Affiliation: West „Vasile Goldiş” University of Arad

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Abstract: Ergonomics appeared as a science in Great Britain, 75 years ago, and was implemented in stomatology in 1964. In Romania, the first book on ergonomics was published in 1974 but it was only in 2003 when this subject matter had been included in the university curriculum. Therefore, many practicians have no knowledge at all or only poor knowledge which they apply empirically. This paper presents a statistical study performed in 60 stomatological cabinets in the Timis and Arad counties on the basic concept of ergonomics, namely „ The working posture of the physician”. „The correctly assimilated posture” is the starting point for all the other indicators, i.e. the position of the assistant, of the pacient, the organization of the equipment and of the instrumentarium, etc.  The results of the study are to the detriment of the practicians. As a conclusion of the study pointing out the shortcomings and their scope, we would also like to show the followings: the stomatology of the 21st century gives more and more importance to the human factor which has been neglected until now to the advantage of technology; the „human-centered” ergonomics as well as the concept of „ the logic of  efficiency”, representing an indicator of the future, places the pacient in the foreground, the practician in the second place and the organization of the working place in the third place.