A clean environment – A healthy life

Authors: Birău A., Olariu T., Ciobanu Gh.

Affiliation: West „Vasile Goldiş” University of Arad


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ABSTRACT. By environment or ambient we understand the complex of elements and natural and artificial phenomena outside Terra which condition life in general and human life in particular. The meaning given to this notion is that of a set of elements which, in their complexity constitute the framework, the means and the life conditions of the man, elements which can be felt or not. Other definition is found in The Law of environment protection, in which the environment is defined as being the ensemble of conditions and natural elements of Terra: air, water, soil, subsoil, all the layers of the atmosphere, all the organic and inorganic substances as well as all creatures and natural systems in interaction comprising the above mentioned elements including spiritual and material values. The effect of the polluted environment upon the human body is variated and complex. It can go from simple inconveniences in human activity to serious disturbances of the health even the loss of human life. These effects were discovered a long time ago, but man remained irresponsible towards nature. The acute effects were the first ones upon which observation and research concerning the influence of environment pollution on people’s health was done. They are due to high concentrations of the pollutants from the environment with powerful repercussions upon human body. The cronical effects represent the most frequent forms of manifestation of the effects of the polluted environment upon health. This is due to the fact that the different pollutants existing in the environment don’t reach high levels in order to produce acute effects, but their permanent presence even in low concentrations is not deprived by bad consequences. Cronical effects though have a particular importance under economical and social aspect. The environment provides us with the necessary living conditions, but it is up to us if we want to use these essential elements as useful as possible or if we want to avoid this aspect of our life.The pollution of out planet is aggravating day by day and it seems people don’t give enough credit to this harmful process. The protection of our planet is a global issue and , that is why every man must assume this responsibility.